In a world of information and communication the optimization of personal and corporate tasks and processes is enforcing changes in the way we think and the way we operate. With the growth of call-center culture personal customer contact is becoming less usual.
Software assisted customer relationship management is becoming more important. Account2000 with its integrated customer-care-, messagging- and telephony-functions addresses all these requirements

Account2000 is a Client-Server-System providing a client for customer-account-managers, support-workers, call-center, bookkeeping, sales etc. Extensive user rights assignment can preserve the distribution of tasks among all users.
The system can provide multiple-enterprise services for enabling service providers to offer outsourced billing services.
Account2000 offers integrated messaging capabilities. Incoming mail can be scanned and assigned to customers same a faxes and e-mails which all can be viewed from within the customer form. The creation of messages to customers is done independent of the target format. All internal documents can be attached to the message and sent via Mail, Fax or e-mail - just as required - with a single button click.
Invoice-generation can be done manually or automatically with configurable cycles. Data from bank accounts can be imported automatically for adjustment of customer accounts. Reminder generation can be done manually or automatically as well. Every customer can have different invoice target addresses with different modalities and remind-modes.
The customer-care unit offers functions for controlling internal tasks and customer tasks. All users receive their task actions and status reminders via e-mail.

Schematic Overview


Functional Units


  • Products (product-management, offer-creation, coordination of delivery)
  • Project-Billing (project definition, gathering work-time information, controlling, expenses, billing)
  • TelcoBilling (billing for telephony, internet- and other telecommunication services)


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